Bear Grylls Survival Race

The S4B Bucket List Challenge

At S4B we like to do things differently. We love finding ways to drive people and businesses to achieve their full potential, which is why we created the ‘S4B Bucket List Challenge’. The S4B Bucket List Challenge is a series of events, trips and experiences which create the opportunity for people to challenge themselves to accomplish things outside their comfort zone. Find out more. 


Bear Grylls Survival Race     


Inspired from Bear’s experience overcoming challenges in the wild, the race aims to test and build physical and mental strength. The event includes a number of unique survival challenges with both natural and purpose built obstacles.

“We will test your strength, agility, targeting, evasion, memory, observation and a variety of other core skills across a variety of survival situations. Our Jungle, Arctic, Desert and Mountain challenges will see the beginner and more seasoned survivor tested to their absolute limits.” – Bear Grylls Survival Team

We are participating in a true survival experience, overcoming potentially life threatening survival situations and are inviting you to join us.

We will meet at S4B offices in Maidenhead and transport will be arranged to the start of the challenge.  The total cost is approximately £70 and will include transport to the event and the race itself.  We will be returning back to S4B offices at the end of the trip.

Achieve something different.   Contact us for further details on 01628 623444 or email us at


Event Details

Date: TBC
Location: TBC
Race Distance: 5K or 10K
Meet at: S4B Offices
Price: Approximately £70
Includes: Transport and race entry








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Social Responsibility  

We’re committed to Corporate Social Responsibility and through The S4B Bucket List Challenge we will be raising money to donate to charity. You do not have to commit to raising funds but if you do then you can either choose your own charity to donate the money to or you can support our sponsored charity, Alzheimer’s Society. The Alzheimer’s Society is a care and research charity which S4B supports for people with dementia and their carers.