Budget, Forecasting & Cash Flows


Making the Right Decisions by Forward Planning and Understanding Your Results.

In our view the most important thing any business can do is understand where it has been, and why, and then make informed decisions to move forward based on what it can improve on.


Budgeting, Forecasting and Cash Flow 

Looking forward means understanding where the business is going from a strategic view, as well as what that means for the financial results. By putting in place a plan, you can measure your performance against it, help identify successful decisions, and address potential issues. Our services in this area include challenging your strategy, facilitating regular board and management meetings, preparation of business plans and financial forecasts.

Clients who take up these services are typically: 

  • Owner managers of businesses who want to take a step back from the detail, and periodically appraise and review the business strategy and performance
  • Businesses who are comfortable recording and reporting historical financial information, but need expertise to pull together robust forecasts, covering profit and loss, cash flow, and balance sheets
  • Management teams who need financial projections to help manage cash flow and funding requirements – perhaps just for normal trading activity, or for a major capital project or acquisition

The team at S4B has extensive expertise in business planning and strategy,having advised businesses of all sizes from start up to multi-million pound exits. The benefit to our clients from these services includes: improved decision making, helping focus on big picture strategic objectives, and providing confidence to manage the business with visibility on how the plan translates into profit and cash.


Creating Value Through Innovation 

One of the ways we create value is by using cutting-edge technology and innovative systems exclusive to S4B.

Our world-beating in-house accounting system ‘Janus’, was designed and developed by our Managing Director, John O’Mahony BSc ACA, over a 30-year period.

It can deliver solutions and financial reporting to SME’s that are only normally accessible by very large corporations with huge infrastructure costs.

As a result, it is unmatched in the market

Janus is named after the roman god who had two faces: one looking to the past “Historical Results”, and one to the future “Forecasts”- this is where the word January originates from.

Janus is an established system, which works by creatively taking the clients own existing accounting system and greatly enhancing its reporting.

Part of the beauty of Janus is that it easily and quickly adapts to every business.

Janus is able to focus on key areas of the business, and evaluate how the company is performing and more importantly, where it is going to. S4B interprets this information and then works with management on how to achieve improvements to the company’s results. This vital information is summarised into key reports which are easy to read.

The system has numerous features:

  • An executive summary which concisely captures on one page the main areas
  • Graphs to capture Key Performance Indicators “KPI’s”
  • Drill down and drill out information so that a summary  of information can be further interrogated
  • Profit and loss and balance sheets broken down in detail, showing trends of results, and year-to-date compared to budgets and prior years, as well as forecast till the year end and next 12 months
  • Cash flow forecasts for the next 12 months, which can be easily expanded to 3 year forecasts for obtaining increased bank facilities
  • Source and application of funds
  • Departmental accounts and reports
  • Consolidation of various companies
  • Multi-currency results
  • Trade Debtors and Creditor summary with explanations on status
  • Salary reports with departmental/gross/commission/bonus/employers NI etc. broken out
  • Sales and if possible gross margin by customer
  • Security of sales and margin forecasts
  • Other analysis of key areas to improve results

These features are designed to enable us to deliver tailored solutions which are highly effective in helping your business to achieve its full potential.

We are a team of Profit Consultants and Chartered Accountants who work with you to help ensure your success and fulfil your potential. Send our team an email at info@s4b.co.uk or call 01628 623444 to see how we can help you.

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