Payroll and Pension Enrolment


Removing the Burden of Payroll and Pensions.

Our specialist staff are able to help with payroll as well as pension enrolment.



We provide a fully outsourced payroll function, with the capabilities of dealing with both fixed, and variable payments. Our system is fully compliant with the latest legislation, to ensure that payroll is calculated correctly and monthly submissions are completed on time.


Pension Enrolment

We are also able to offer assistance with Pension Auto Enrolment, which is now becoming due for most small employers. Our expert staff will take you through the whole setup process from start to finish, and will deal with the ongoing pension administration on a monthly basis, to ensure Pension Enrolment related headaches are kept to a minimum.

Failure to comply could result in The Pension Regulator (TPR) issuing you a penalty notice which would be £400, with an escalating penalty notice of £50 to £10,000 per day, depending on the number of staff.

Our services ensure that an auto pension enrolment is set up, fully compliant with the law and managed on a monthly basis.

Set Up Services

  • Registering a point of contact with TPR
  • Setting up a qualifying pension scheme
  • Communicating the changes with your employees in writing
  • Assessing all staff to see what scheme they are to be enrolled in
  • Working out the costs to your business to help you budget for them
  • Automatically enrolling all eligible job holders (giving them the ability to opt out)
  • Registering with the TPR and keeping records

Ongoing Services

  • Evaluating existing staff and new staff joining and their eligibility
  • Dealing with the complications of variable payments from commission, wages, bonuses etc.
  • Sending letters to new staff concerning the scheme
  • Setting up payments to the pension companies to take the monies
  • Matching deductions to the direct debits taken by the pension companies
  • Stopping pension payment direct debits when staff leave

This is a big burden on employers. We have done a lot of research and training to help our clients.  If you have not yet had to set up a pension scheme, or are struggling with it, we can support and manage you through this process.



We are a team of Profit Consultants and Chartered Accountants who work with you to help ensure your success and fulfil your potential. Send our team an email at or call 01628 623444 to see how we can help you.

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