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At S4B we use innovative systems and cutting edge technology to add value to our clients’ businesses. As a forward thinking firm, we knew that the next step was to enable our clients to manage their finances more effectively via their smart phones, tablets and laptops. To achieve this, we have carefully designed an interactive app which enables our clients to make informed financial decisions by providing them with key data, news and real time information.

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You can download our free app by following one of the buttons below, or searching ‘MyAccountants’ in your Appstore. Use the unique access code ‘S4BUK’  when prompted to receive your free S4B (UK) Ltd app.


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Up to Date Tax Tables
As tax specialists we keep a close eye on any changes to tax rules. It is vital to know about tax changes as soon as they happen and it can be easy to miss important tax information. To help our clients control their finances more effectively, we developed an ‘Up to Date Tax Tables’ feature on our app. This feature enables you to access real time tax tables including capital gains tax, income tax rates and allowances, ISA’s, pensions and more so that you can adjust and prepare for any changes.

Cloud accounting
Get real time reporting and the ability to access your accounting information from any device, without having to install and maintain software.

The S4B newsletter
As a proactive and forward-thinking firm, we regularly release a newsletter containing articles to keep our clients informed. We give vital business, tax and accounting advice via our newsletter and, through our app, you can have access to our articles as soon as they’re released.

Meet the team and client testimonials
We are not your typical chartered accountants; we only hire people with personalities. Meet our team and find out what our clients say about us.

Business news and key financial dates
Instant access to the latest business news and key financial dates throughout the year so you’re always up to date with what’s going on.

Photo receipt management
Simply take a picture of your receipt and then you can add extra information, categorise your receipt and simply click save. You can also review and export your receipts at any time.

GPS mileage tracker
The S4B app’s built-in mileage tracker helps keep on top of expenses by keeping an accurate tab on mileage. It automatically tracks business miles, assists in mileage management and stores relevant information. It is easily viewed, edited and exported.

Income tracker
This feature is particularly useful if you are managing a number of income sources because in one place you can monitor all your income and expenditure.

16 real time Tax, VAT and Financial calculators, from simple income tax calculators to company car benefits, it’s all on our app.

Share, fund and precious metal prices update
Get real time data on share, fund and precious metal prices, helping you to make informed financial decisions.

We are a team of Profit Consultants and Chartered Accountants in Maidenhead who work with you to help ensure your success and fulfil your potential. Send our team an email at info@s4b.co.uk or call 01628 623444 to see how we can help you.

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