Statutory Compliance


Ensure Your Company Complies with Financial Regulations. 

Setting up a business in the UK is not just about offering a great product or service, but means navigating a vast minefield of legislation.

Statutory Compliance 

Legislation You Need to Comply with Includes:

  • Determining the business’ structure (i.e. sole trader, limited company, partnership)
  • Registering the company according to its structure, with the relevant authorities (this may include the need for a registered office
  • Setting up bank accounts
  • Compliance with National Insurance, VAT and tax legislation
  • Compliance with payroll and pension legislation

Legislation concerning employees (working environment/ conditions; rights and responsibilities; training requirements and more); health & safety regulations, even potentially applicable immigration laws may also all need to be considered and complied with utilising our HR team. Failing to comply with all applicable legislation could ultimately result in very unpleasant, potentially costly consequences.

Use of Technology

Expert guidance; advanced accounting software and access to current financial, business and legal information via our free S4B mobile phone app combine to ensure our clients’ new businesses safely grow and show increasing profits, while remaining within the confines of relevant laws.

Statutory Compliance

As a firm of Chartered Accountants, we can help you meet your annual statutory compliance obligations.

Using the latest accounting software, we can handle all your statutory compliance like:

  • Preparing your accounts and filing them at Companies House
  • Handling your Corporation Tax
  • Calculating PAYE and NI and submitting the calculations to HMRC
  • P11Ds (expenses and benefits forms)
  • Either reviewing or calculating your quarterly VAT returns for Customs and Excise
  • Producing special reports
  • Complementary services

We can also provide a member of our team to act as your company secretary on a part-time basis, to help you comply with your legal and statutory obligations.

Role encompasses 

  • Organising and overseeing board meetings
  • Monitoring legal and regulatory changes that may affect the business
  • Handling correspondence with stakeholders and regulatory bodies

As registered auditors with the Institute of Chartered Accountants we can also provide audit services for our clients if required.

Our Approach

We employ a workflow system that monitors all aspects of our clients’ statutory compliance to ensure they’re completed accurately and on time. We usually produce draft statutory accounts and carry out tax compliance within four weeks of the information provided to us, or if we handle the accounting then four weeks after the year end.

We are a team of Profit Consultants and Chartered Accountants who work with you to help ensure your success and fulfil your potential. Send our team an email at or call 01628 623444 to see how we can help you.

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