Tax Planning


Seeking Opportunities to Reduce Tax Liabilities. 

Minimising our clients tax bills with a three-pronged tax claim guidance.


Tax Planning 

Why pay more tax than you have to?

  • We provide proactive reviews of clients’ current tax affairs both personal, and business seeking for opportunities to minimise liabilities within the law
  • We have compiled a simple, free guide to assist clients in working through the complex ‘expenses maze’
  • We are happy to answer any further questions clients may have, and keep in touch with regular practical tax tips and ideas/ advice on specific areas of interest to our clients

Following this initial assessment we will only charge you 25% of what you save as a result of our proactive tax review services. So if we don’t succeed in making you savings, you won’t pay a penny!

Tax Claims Guidance

To claim or not to claim, that is the question. Seriously, determining just what to claim for-or not for that matter, can make all the difference between paying no more in taxes than absolutely necessary, and receiving a letter from the tax authority informing you that your business has become subject of an investigation, because you wrongly claimed for something you should not have. In monetary terms, this could ultimately prove to be very expensive.

The Trouble with Claiming Tax Deductions

While usually a routine chore, claiming tax deductions for business expenses can be extremely costly, often losing businesses vast amounts of funds to the tax man without anyone realising what is going on. Working out just what is allowable Corporation Tax, PAYE, and VAT in terms of normal expense claims is utterly confusing to say the least. Companies typically either lose money by not claiming enough for some items, or leave themselves wide open to costly tax authority investigations by declaring others wrongly. Either way, tax bills are usually way higher than they should be.

In addition, we’ll regularly keep in touch with the latest legislation changes to help us offer the best tax advice for you.


S4B Taxes Made Easy Guide 

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